The Lost Ones

by Anonymous Era

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Anonymous Era - The Lost Ones


released September 9, 2009

Anonymous Era



all rights reserved


Anonymous Era

- might this be the anonymous era -

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Track Name: 01 The Lost Ones
This fever in me, it grows
Stronger with the years, it hurts me

The ancient scars not forgotten,
But in the shadow of my mind

You feed me with caressing words
I feel you body, it trembles

Your eyes, glittering in the night
Enchanting me (with all their pride)
Your breath warm and deep, it soothes me
I'm thrilled by the beauties of nature

We both scattered for eternity
Falling on my knees I scream

The damned fiend in me released
I'm crawling on my knees to the depths of silence
Trying to see me weakness
Bound to the tree of Judas

One by one my tears fall down on you
As the years go by I whine for the lost ones
The dreams I had of all this glory
They will never cross the border of reality
I'm chained by my weakness
Track Name: 04 Our Minds Intertwined
In this night so serene,
With the stars above us in the sky

I lay down with her, the angel,
Our minds intertwined

The scent of roses,
the sounds of nature
They please us,… A dream…
this seems like heaven,
but no I whine

In my sweet bitterness, I whine,
tears of forgotten misery
They beauty of the angel in despair
declines with the beauty of earth

Yielding me from the sins I will commit
lying to her to achieve
delivered from the burden in the mind
relieved but filled with grief

Crying for virtue, for you
Though appearing fearless in the mind
my mind has grown with fear

Smiling brave, waving at the stars
The moon icing her lips, I melt…
Knowing you're there for the very last time

Agony may fall into oblivion,
but beauty will recall at last
restless human being, trapped in the mind
my hands are tied, Release me!!!

Why do roses wither, with time?
Their scents fade away
Hopeful waiting for their time to come
despite grief, I smile

So who AM I now?